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    Report an Accident on I5

    Our team reports about vehicle collisions that occur each day on Interstate 5. This north-south highway runs a total of 1,381 miles along the western coast of the United States. Between the Mexican border to the Canadian border, I-5 travels through California, Oregon, and Washington. Every day, hundreds of thousands of vehicles utilize I-5 to travel along the west coast. In many instances, vehicles travel this route for commercial purposes. As a result, there are several 18-wheelers, box trucks, and other commercial vehicles that take this route to provide products to companies. This can make travel especially dangerous on I-5, particularly for passenger vehicles.

    If you or someone that you love has suffered injuries due to a crash on I-5, or you witnessed an accident take place on the interstate highway, please contact our team as soon as possible by completing the information below. Our team will help to provide valuable resources to you if you have been harmed in a crash on Interstate 5.

    Accidents currently listed on i5accidents.com

    345 accidents in 2022
    4 accidents in 2022
    1 accident in 2022